Web Hosting

   In order to have your website online, you will need a hosting company to provide the needed webspace and services for your website. You may already have signed up for the hosting service or you may need one. Since we are not primarily a hosting company, we do not host huge websites in our servers, but sub-host them in the servers of large hosting providers instead. However we do host small and mid-sized websites and projects. Here are ways to go:

If you already have the service
   If you have hosting service signed up already, we are ready to move on. You're paying monthly fees for the little space from the entire world wide web and have availability to place your website in there for your visitors. All you need, is to create your website on that space or use a designer to make it for you. For your pleasure, we can design, program, upload and take care of the site and all you need to do is tell what you want to have on your website. Even if you already have service, we will still give you options to compare some other companies providing web hosting, before placing your website on the internet. That may sometimes save you lot of money and efforts.

If we host
   Like stated earlier, we do host small and mid-sized websites, advertisements, documents and programs. Any single page, short term project will be hosted by us for free, if we design it. Other mid and large sized projects, can also be hosted by us, but especially for large sites we highly recommend to sign up for your own web hosting service. We can help you to make calculations which one is better for you and help you through comparison and sign up process if needed. Still sometimes it's just a lot easier to let someone take care of your webhosting especially if you're new on the field. Either way you would like to go, we will give our help as needed.

Large hosting companies
   For large websites and sites having galleries or a lot of other documents such as audio or video, we do recommend you to sign up for your own hosting service. Also if you're going to be webmaster of the site, having your own webhosting service gives you full access over all the controls of your website. If you deal a lot with computers it should be relatively easy to maintain and master your site. Our team can train and help you along the way on hosting questions anytime needed.

   If you are ready to go and sign up for your own webhosting service, there are lots of them available. You need to be really careful on which one to choose. Others, providing lots of space or traffic, may have limitations of some other really important options. We recommend to contact us and negotiate about wishes you have about your website, before you sign up for any services. Changing the service again, may cause double sign up fees and the type of the hosting service depends from the type of the website you would like to have.