Webmaster Services

   When you have your website up and running, somebody needs to take care of it. As time goes on, webpages need to be checked and updated. We have been doing that to our customers from the beginning and are ready to take care of your website as well, while you're doing your own businesses.

Technical service
   When choosing us as webmaster for your site, you don't need to worry about dead links, server problems or other technical issues related to functionality of the website itself. We can set your webmaster e-mail to come to our service address and fix the reported problems. All you are going to get is just a note from us about solved problem.

Manual updating options
   Depending about the purpose of your website, your updating frequency may vary from hours to months. Pages that sell single items only may not need update at all, until item pricing or your contact information changes. Some pages need to be updated every now and then, when items are sold out or events passed by. We can offer you different kinds of update services from onetime service to all-the-time responsibility of your entire website or anything between. All options are fully negotiable.

Automated updating
   Some pages need to be updated so often that you almost have to spend all your days and nights on front of the computer. Solution for that is our automated updating service. With the service you can plan days, weeks or even months ahead and let our automated updating system make the needed updates when ever needed. Program can be adjusted to be dependable from different kinds of variables such as time, date, number of visitors or downloads. Program is provided with administration page access, where updates can be planned.